Enterprise NAS Network Storage
Meet the enterprise's Internet cloud storage needs.

Demand Analysis

  • Do you have a need for centralized data storage, data backup, and file sharing?

    Fragmented distribution of enterprise data can cause difficulties in data management, post-search, data transfer, etc.
    Enterprise data files do not have access rights, confidential documents have the risk of leaking and losing
    Document data access is single, employees can not obtain data in special circumstances
    In-house data data does not achieve shared collaboration, collaboration between employees is inefficient
    Enterprise data data does not implement disaster recovery backup, and it is easy to cause lost data such as ransomware
    Special backups such as databases and virtual machines require additional storage of storage devices, which is costly

Technical Advantages

  • Integrated delivery · Simple and efficient

    The data center can quickly build all the IT resources needed for the business, and has flexible resource vertical expansion capability and hard disk roaming function, which greatly shortens the business cycle, is easy to maintain, and reduces TCO costs.

  • Software Defined Storage

    NAS=Networking+Applications+Storage/Server, SaS provides software that enhances corporate information security and protects corporate core confidential information.

  • User Rights Management

    Supports Windows ADS (Active Directory Services) and DAP, fully supports Windows ACL 13 kinds of permission settings, and can intuitively set ACL permissions to achieve precise control of permissions.

  • Data Disaster Recovery Backup

    For data disaster recovery in the case of system, database, application and other interruptions caused by force majeure factors, customize RT0 and RPO according to the request to avoid loss caused by interruption.

Product Description

  • NAS storage server for secure and reliable data storage and backup

    HA High Availability
    The active server processes all data requests and services while all content is continuously replicated to the passive server. This provides a comprehensive hardware and data redundancy solution in the event of an accident, ensuring uninterrupted business and continuous operation.

    Video Monitoring
    Large enterprises need to deploy professional video surveillance systems to protect their precious assets and ensure environmental security through hundreds of cameras. Surveillance Station integrates camera and video management and provides analysis alerts that make it easy for secure video surveillance personnel to work.

    Working together to improve teamwork
    The Group's three collaborative office suites have completely changed the way of working. Support multi-person online editing, clearly marked comments and file check and other functions. A private network environment is more secure and prevents data leakage.

    Everyone can play around
    The mobile phone computer manages the nas file on the whole platform. It is easy to use. You don't need to use a full-time webmaster to browse and organize files (support Android, i0S and Windows Phone) using your mobile phone or tablet. Files can even be uploaded directly to your Diskstation or downloaded to your device.

    Smart Backup
    Drive, HB, ABB and other built-in kits meet the needs of different backup scenarios. It also supports third-party intelligent backup software such as acrouis, Mars cabin, Tsinghua Unisplendour, NAKIVO, and the function of snapshot backup.

    Safe and worry-free, easy to manage
    DSM graphical management interface, email alert, real-time monitoring, fast response security security, military-level encryption AES encryption, integration Let's Encrypt, can easily apply for free and secure SSL / TLS SAN authentication.

Brand Power

  • Market Evaluation

    Received the Taiwan Excellence Award for many years.
    PCMag: A recommended and reliable NAS brand
    Successfully entered the Gartner Magic Quadrant
    Shortlisted government and various large-scale project procurement catalogues

  • Leader

    The market share of SMEs and home NAS is among the best in the world
    DSM 7.0, NAS storage with AI knows you better
    Not just storage, more than just storage

  • Software Innovation

    Multi-tasking Web Desktop
    Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)
    Synology High Availability (SHA)

  • Hardware Innovation

    Extended system continuity
    Enhanced air convection

Hot Products

2.1 GHz quad core processor
Expandable to 28 hard drives
Memory sticks can be expanded to 64 GB
2.1 GHz quad core processor
Expandable to 24 hard drives
Memory stick can be expanded to 64GB
Dual core Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz
Support M.2 NVMe/SATA SSD Cache
Expandable to 30 hard drives
Quad-core 2.4 GHz CPU
Support M.2 SATA SSD cache 1
Expandable to 12 hard drives


Application Scenario

  • Storage & Backup

    Set up a file server to store and back up various file data.
    1. Divide permissions and account management for different files;
    2. Edit the document online;
    3, fully support a variety of network protocols - FTP, SMB2, SMB3 (encryption), AFP, NFS and WebDAV - provide seamless file sharing between Windows?, Mac? and Linux? platforms;
    4, fast index file;
    5, document snapshot multiple versions;
    6, remote server backup and so on.
    Support backup requirements for special environments such as software development, servers, and databases.

  • Work Together

    Application scenario for collaborative work to improve work efficiency:

    1. Many people edit documents at the same time, so that brainstorming is more powerful.

    2. Self-contained internal communication channels to make information safe and reliable

    3, internal mail server, mail data backup, rollback

    4, work calendar, work plan is clearly visible

  • Disaster Recovery Backup

    Data Backup: SHA combines two servers into one High-Availability cluster (or HA cluster). One server acts as the active server and the other server becomes the standby passive server. The active server processes all data requests and services while all content is continuously replicated to the passive server. This provides a comprehensive hardware and data redundancy solution in the event of an accident. Support real-time data mirroring protection, automatic failover, and more.

    Application Disaster Recovery: On the basis of data disaster recovery, a complete backup application system equivalent to the local production system (which can be mutually backup) is established in a different place. In the case of disaster, the remote system quickly takes over the business operation. Data disaster recovery is the protection against disasters, and application disaster recovery is the goal of disaster recovery system construction.

  • Integrated Application

    Support multiple applications and build multiple applications or service environments:
    1, DHCP server
    2, DNS server
    3. Log (Syslog) server
    4, the website to build
    5, mail server
    6, enterprise VPN
    7, the domain (Directory) server
    8, Radius server
    9, printer server, etc.

  • Video Surveillance

    Nowadays, there are more and more cameras, and there are many monitors in public places and office buildings. The video files generated by these monitoring not only need to be stored and viewed, but the acquisition of the NAS does not require the purchase of a separate monitoring system. It is only necessary to install one of the kits to monitor the environment in real time on the mobile phone and the computer.

    Some advanced NASs also provide video analysis to capture behaviors, send text messages, emails or push reminders when specific behavioral events are detected.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Build a local and cloud hybrid backup environment
    Help customers back up data, servers or virtual machines to cloud storage to provide multiple layers of redundant backups for customer data.

    1, safe and reliable, provide encrypted transmission to ensure data security during the backup process

    2, high speed and high efficiency, high speed port and efficient transmission mode to ensure backup efficiency

    3, simple extension, cloud custom extension, save massive data

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